3 Solution Sales Tips Via NYC's King Of Airbnb

38,000 competing choices. How do you get chosen most? The Airbnb anointed Number One spare room in New York thankfully shares his secrets in New York Magazine.

Although many are technical and SEO (not our direction of going “ultra-super-ninja”) a trove trio do cushion themselves snugly on our b2b sofa.

I’m normally not a fan of the newly-termed “hack”. They’re often a scam. Trying to suggest there are shortcuts to iterative hard work yet seem nothing more than poorly shrink wrapped wisdom readily open elsewhere. Internet Marketing “gurus” a prime dishonourable case in point.

The countless hours of effort this Brooklynite put in I am sure cannot be underestimated. So the occasional fresh insight flowers. Here’s three as I see.

Hidden Detail Trigger

You nod in appreciation of the famed Van Halen rockers rider. M&Ms with all the brown ones removed. Supposedly less about being divas, and all about seeing how closely a venue followed details. Vital when stage pyrotechnics need utmost care.

In room-booking, this translates as asking for a message to be written up top, ahead of reservation requests.

No “code”, no bed.

A simple trick to adopt and apply on just about anything, From whether interview candidates are truly paying attention, to if prospects really are interested enough to enact on your small print.

Caption Competition

Terrific insight passed on from the web giant hq. The most read (ie. important) text is a photo’s caption. Surely now a no-brainer to craft when inserting pics into a general doc or Prop.

Unexpected Extra

From mini-chocs to soaps, the smallest freebies make the biggest difference. This reminds me of research that once showed the mint with bill led to bigger tips. There is something tricky about finding the apt balance in our anti-bribery business realm and where no-one really wants yet another coffee mug. Yet there are little (non-branded) unassuming, helpful ideas you can muster for relative pennies. I loved most his own printed sheet of “favourite nearby haunts and happenings & insider-y, off-the-beaten-path experience”. There is also a way you can spread the love, too.

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