Perfected Your 20-Minute Player Presentation?

When it is all too easy to dismiss football punditry as a “cosy chat between golf buddies” (thanks, Giles Smith), the sporting press welcomes the “brave” decision by one such protagonist to put his hand up for an actual job in Management (at Valencia).

Let’s be clear, there have been precious few football analysts of genuine calibre. It is too simplistic, and misinformed, to suggest this is solely down to the majority of former players’ background and education.

The dimmest of light shines in the deepest of darkness. When you yearn for more than you’d hear down the pub with your mates, loosely formed yet steadfast opinion must be trumped by fresh observation and precision solution.

So it was with much interest I read today this quote from seasoned broadsheeter Henry Winter, referring to the current talking head to touchline transfer.

“He’s a master of the 20-minute presentation to players”

Now there’s a concept.

In this context – although by no means restricted to an internal delivery as opposed to prospect pitch – there’s much to take from this.

Diktats exist in this domain already.

Guy Kawasaki 10/20/30. PechaKucha 20×20. Seth Godin’s 200 slide solution. Three among the more recent well-known.

Professional footballers might not enjoy the greatest of reputations for lengthy attention span, nor keenness to take on board complex instruction. In which respect they may well mirror your audience.

I wondered if this was rubric recommended by the fabled coaching badge syllabus.

And if so, how the structure runs.

What we must do. What we did. How we do it next time.

Aim. Example. Details. Agreement.

I also thought whether a single-learning point was lodged with each player?

In any case, there’s scope for a valuable addition to your selling system here. For managing both colleagues and buyers. Have you perfected your 20-minute presentation?

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