Pen-Pusher Clerk Or Creative Workspace?

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I have quite a thing for workspaces. Especially how a superstar salesperson should design theirs. (Blogging several times on the subject, such as this post a year ago on being a meezer.)

This August, as a newly crowned ‘future-shaper’ by Time magazine, Japanese author Haruki Murakami has rattled the global wires for a couple of reasons.

Once where a bookstore in his native Japan bought up just about the entire physical stock of his latest to dent online competition.

And of more interest to winning Sales culture, also with a self-published photo of his personal office.

When I first saw it, the publication of share focused on the unexpected tidiness. They bathe in “deliciously quirky items”. Like Swiss flag mug, yellow pencils and “exotic” souvenirs.

They do though, ask a key question.

“Are there any objects with stories worth telling?”

And it is on this that Sales eyes should widen.

Yes, the author’s workroom may feel humdrum.

The only wallspace we see is either smothered with bookcase or huge speakers.

But it must inspire.

I realise today’s modern cubicle can drastically reduce the chance for any homeliness. Yet my heart sinks when I see yet another where the walls house a framed signed sport shirt, a glossy marketing promo poster, the latest organogram, bookshelving with folders never opened and a few family pics on the desk. Even worse where this describes the typical corner office.

Many moons ago I enjoyed success selling into a specific sector. I covered my spot in products from my clients. Primarily toys. From cuddly fury animals to board game pieces to building blocks. When one day a boss told me to get rid, I knew I must move on.

I often blog on how your immediate real estate should be colourfully plastered with imagery that reinforces your process, promotes the prospect problem you resolve, and can trigger ideas.

You can strive for this and still maintain a clean enough desk to keep the internal policy police at bay.

How’s your chair-bound view?

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