Poptastic Salesjustice

In the tradition of musical progression, it is always a neat trick to remix what's gone before and create something new and interesting.

Think less earworm, more salesworm?

One London-based chart music journalist long online offers up a recent top three of treatments that we can readily adapt for our own selling tunes.

Let's start with a slideworm.

His cool ident deployment. It's a kind of speech bubble housing his logo. What they do particularly well though, is use its silhouette.

Liberally stamped across much of the output, with trendy glowing popmongous palette to match, and text titles plastered on top.

Not all logos have shapes lending themselves to this treatment. And I know to my chagrin how precious a marketing bod from HQ can get about using your initiative to make this look. But it's definitely something to bear in mind for presentations.


The best examples involve single imagery;


Next, listworm.

Who doesn't love bullets with a wink?

On the day of screencapture, the homepage right-hand sidebar offered this poptabular fab four.

Rounding out this Top 3; meetworm.


Going straight in at Number One.

Using the container of an actual zoom screen, you're left in no doubt why you've been invited to this video meeting.

One of the most common elements of sales video calls that gets overlooked, is teeing it up properly.

From sculpting the right title, through the perceived work in making potential attendees care about what you want to run through, to taking the time and effort to produce something that showcases this.

Yet the extra roll they give your ambitions totally rocks.

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