TLDR; The New Recap

I see lots of Sales slidedecks.

They can easily suffer the same types of limiting factors.

Too long, too cluttered, too customer-non-centric, too wordy, too pointless.

Even when you know the traps, it can be fiendishly tricky to edit your own work to banish such kinds of sales prevention tics.

One regular omission which needs a campaign behind it to (re-)instate, is the recapitulation.

What we know in common parlance abbreviated to the recap.

You occasionally see a slide titled Summary. Yet often this is really a 'conclusion'. Not a recap at all.

I've noticed the explosion of twitter threads by those seeking a following which explain how to do something elusive. Unlocking the secrets which fulfil an aspiration. Mini-autobiographies which detail how they made a name.

In the pursuit of self-promotion which often seeks rent.

Nothing so much bad in that, except a worrying number are simply the latest incarnation of Internet Marketing scammers.

What the well-meaning examples often have, is a recap.

Being as many are from the techsphere, they don't call it a recap.

And given the character constraints of a tweet, hardly surprisingly they opt for a two-decade old sector staple.


They label their final pre-CTA tweet with this.

Too Long; Didn't Read. The convention labelling a précis. An expression used to signal short summaries of lengthy info. Whether the original longform piece be article, book or Ts & Cs.

Or nowadays, twitter thread.

And surely, Sales presentations.

A recap slide is a great way to control the closing sequence.

These four capital letters also lend themselves neatly to being shown in the style of your client's preferred font. Or even if a quick design option, their logo remix.

As for structure of this penultimate slide, the usual rules apply.

Text to a minimum. Five or six points tops. Never in bulleted list. Classed by your slidedeck sectional structure. Totally prospect-orientated.

An aside, makes me can't help but thinking whether you could also gain that extra smidgen of later recall by changing the last letter.

TLDR(P); as in, or Don't Panic..?

The final impact opportunity comes with Sales video calls.

This template provides a winning way of shaping both your post-meeting pack send-out (often better than aimlessly sending the whole deck through), as well as becoming - slightly edited where required - the meeting banner jpeg pre-send to set-up a subsequent meeting.

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