Is Time For A Change Enough?

"Time for a change is the most powerful political slogan in any election campaign in the world"

The Caledonian burr of heavyweight political analyst and interview terrier, Andrew Neil.

As seen from his zoomscape above, commenting on the Summer '22 ruling party race to replace the sitting UK Prime Minister.

Citing a past UK general election from 1992.

Hindsight suggesting that voters thought there was already a new government, despite no public poll. Simply because there'd been a change at the top due to an internal (& typically ruthless) party leadership switch.

To précis;

'People may not have been so sure about whether the potential replacement was really ready. But hey, there's a new government already in place', so...

And to the bemusement of commentators, the incumbent clung on.

You can see the analysis of three decades past doorstep canvassing;

'You want change, we've given it you. Vote us in and we'll carry on with your changings...'

With 'change' being the most powerful of drivers for a solution sell to succeed, what this tells us is twofold.

That clearly there are both degrees of change and whether the time for it really has come.

Remembering too, that not all 'change' is perceived as that so potentially challenging of word.

On the former, one of the most common conversations I have in New Product Rescue mode, is to rein in those behind the freshly launched (yet invariably stumbling) offering.

Seeking a quick landgrab, they must usually curb the temptation to insist that what they have is "really new".

With the latter, are just willing it to be so, right now?

Kairos is a wonderful wave to ride.

Yet it can be deceptively tricky to first find, then tame.

Here, the old politics war horse gives us a pair of super questions for our prospect;

Is it time for change?

If it isn't then that opens up a different line of investigation. Likely one which greatly aids your qualification. But if it is, then;

Is that enough to make change happen?

You asking these?

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