Who's In Your Band?

These 200 seconds from late '21 will no doubt be of little surprise to you as it trundles well beyond halfway.

The now familiar 'hybrid is staying' mantra. Widely promoted as the enlightened bandwagon from around that time.

Just after a minute in, the co-located to distributed location poles, set against asynchronous or synchronous work grid is worthy of general business discussion.

It goes without saying that you could (should) apply this matrix to your sales process. Reference your ideal prospect's buying process.

There are activities you pursue which - especially now live video is the emerged fourth communication medium at our disposal - you presently have in the wrong box. Switching them to where both you gain firmer commitment and the buyer accepts tighter trust in you is a must.

The narrator claims "research" to back up that asynchronous is way more powerful than those execs rushing to return to the old normal of pre-2020 realise.

We should, they state, no longer pursue a world where the in-person meeting is predominant.

I wish this mythbusting was more forthright.

It is my experience that those who lost 'control' during lockdown-enforced remote work, both clamour to re-instate their eroded power as well promoting a number of incorrect calamities which continued 'remote', they insist, significantly exacerbates.

As they cannot now claim 'productivity' disasters await, other sufferance includes onboarding, mentoring, team bonding, serendipity and spontaneity. Not forgetting the most misguided element of ineffective collaboration, namely stifled brainstorming, stunted creativity and stagnant innovation.

Then around 2m39s in, the key metaphor. Let their words sink in;

Think about it this way.
Every band needs time together, alone, and apart,
to write its best songs.
Developing the lyrics in their own time.
Riffing off a great melody together.
Jumping on the phone to playback the last recording.
Let's make sure your teams are set to create their best music.

Their next line I duly remix, switching context to our Sales arena;

Hybrid working selling expands the number of nodes of working buying that are crucial to innovation prospect enjoyment, engagement and their enrichment, aka commitment.

Think about that.

Who does what in your band? And the one in which your prospect is at the very least, 'featured artist'.

And how do you lay down that new, sure-to-be-a-bullet, banger of a track?

Jamming with bandmates are the best of times for any music maker. Now you can gain similar pleasures from jamming with colleagues and prospects in newly available, properly defined, hybrid ways.

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