Power, Money & Autonomy

"Everyone is primarily interested in one of three things. To motivate them, all you need do is discover which one drives them most; power, money or autonomy."

From the experience of Rory Sutherland.

Which he shared in the interests of promoting the under-valued and usually ignored quality of autonomy.

Note that he also references another invaluable motivation diviner in the Scarf model.

In our Sales sense here though, doesn't this offer a cunning extra flag for our bid personalities?

Can the solution you propose provide for improvement in each of these three drivers?

If so, how?

Then most tellingly, which is of most importance to each person that counts prospect-side?

For obtaining accurate readings, it feels best to use words which do not overtly feature the precise term of each trait.

For instance, when examining 'power', any discussion about the levels of control, clout or consolidation of position can work. Do they want a voice on an issue? A seat at the table? Be integral to a process? Pull a particular lever? Be seen in a certain light? Become a go-to?

Genuinely unlock what they want there, and you've a potential match.

In the context of the classic profiling - identify both of what's there personal and professional win when buying from you - these wins will likely emanate from one of power, money and autonomy.

You know the source. Now go strike it, refine it, and sell it.

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