SCARF To Keep Buyer Chills At Bay

The acronym SCARF Dan Rock created from the five ‘key social domains that are either rewarding or threatening for us’ which tend to drive behaviour. Namely;

Status Certainty Autonomy Relatedness Fairness.

He explains his model as originally published by Booz & Company, in the PWC journal, s+b.

As are solution sellers in general, a fascination with all aspects of persuasion suggests this as a potentially notable insight. An addition to the most recent discovery of 5 foundational bases.

Buyers, it seems, are more likely to give us the go ahead if they feel that;

their standing will rise, they have comfort as to what will unfold, they feel in control, there’s a state of trust, and that proceedings are fair.

The converse applies. So where these factors weigh against the buyer, no sale can result.

Surely a winning framework to apply across the chief protagonists in your funnel as a forecast checking exercise.

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