WFH Set To Stay?

Happened upon among The Wiki Man’s feed, with initiating blog suggesting in part that, ‘two or three-day office work weeks will become the norm’.

The theory being that if the need for a physical rent-paying presence in a purpose-built facility is rapidly disappearing for start-up founders, then surely the rest of workdesk, office bound commerce will soon catch on too.

Quite the jump year-on-year too. With budding American entrepreneurs now preferring the allure of ‘distributed or remote’ near-present soaring from roughly 1 in 17 to 1 in 2½.

These views seem to emanate from the annual survey of around 90 founders.

The trend is clearly to WFH – and beyond for WFA – and looks set to stick.

More than 1 in 3 young firms choose to be ‘fully decentralised’. No wonder office rent costs have plummeted 24% in a year.

The implications for the B2B solution seller are clear.

The past twelve months are not a blip.

Zoom yourself up for good.

How many different backdrops can you utilise?

Where’s your flipchart or whiteboard behind you?

What props do you have to hand on-call?

How is your pre-meeting prep and media file sending going?

Which tricks have you learned give real push to your ambitions in the stutter of a video flow?

…and many more questions besides.

It’s never too late to sort out your virtual angles and master the video call that sells.

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