Project Backronym

We’ve all done it. Taken a key word. A trendy mot du jour. The boss’s favourite expression. The company initials perhaps. (Even retail bitcoin investors made the news recently with just such a rallying cry; hodl.)

Then spell out winning words – a sentence even – where every word begins with each successive starting letter.

One I still chuckle at from my youth took the nickname of my uni football team. A most clever girl created magic out of Stags;

Strong Tackle Action Guarantees Satisfaction

Duly emblazoned on a club t-shirt, naturally.

Wordsmiths call turning a word into an acronym as making a backronym.

It’s often not a straightforward task, but one that can also provide a spot of levity in the running order of a conference or team sales meeting. A simple 15-minute workshop task might just uncover a little treasure, or at the very least, get the group thinking along the right lines.

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