When Even A Balinese Medicine Man Uses A 2x2 Shouldn't You?

Yes, this is a fictionalised account. From a 2010 adapted-from-a-memoir movie starring Julia Roberts; Eat Pray Love. Yet a recent post (around ‘rebalance‘) reminded me to check out this specific scene. It’s around 1hr 42mins in. Ketut Liyer is a Bali ‘healer’ from Ubud. He proceeds to explain his ‘teachings’ to our heroine.

Here’s his chat;

[draws two lines in the typical boardroom manner to make a big plus sign in the middle of his pristine white notebook page]

People in Bali understand in order to stay happy,
must always know where you are every moment.

[draws circle around the origin, where the two lines dissect, going around a number of times]

Right here is perfect balance.
Right at meeting of heaven and earth.

Not too much God,
not too much selfish.

Otherwise, life too crazy.

You lose balance, you lose power.

Pupil duly transfixed.

Whatever the merits of his life coaching, he uses a two-by-two to explain it.

Sometimes, you don’t even need the full box drawn. The pair of axes alone will do.

As in here, where direction of travel is ahead of naming matrix cells.

Pretty much every solution sell can feature this treatment.

Make it unique to showcasing your bid and confidently leave on prominently display on a flipchart once you leave the meeting room.

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