Cui Bono?

The favourite phrase of conspiracy theorists. Translated from the original Latin it means ‘who benefits?’

(I was also reminded of this term back in ’14 when blogging on reversion point reversal.) For this is the key question you often must ask yourself when thinking about status quo obstacles.

When something untoward happens to dampen your ambitions it is most likely caused by the person with most to gain from them not being pursued. So goes this theory anyway.

And in many cases it is a concept with merit.

When you propose something requiring change clientside, it can make for a revealing exercise to assess the firmness of your deal footing against this critical criteria.

Who might lose face, career advancement even, by replacing or switching from a previous way of doing things?

Who may be a little too closely tied to an incumbent?

Who could be eager to prove theirs is the number one ego by dismissing an idea they didn’t come up with?

Who doesn’t get touched by the problem you seek to resolve and doesn’t care that others are otherwise constrained when they have their own, although lesser, issues with which to contend?

Who fancies some precious resource to be thrown their way and see a chance to deflect from your project to promote their singular, insular plans?

A good discussion to have internally and with your number one fan in your prospect. The earlier the better.

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