Proposal Review Chuckle

I’ve always considered the proposal review meeting an essential part of decent-ticket solution sales.  Getting key execs on board and putting yourself ahead of the pack is a must, and showing your in-depth understanding of where they want to go and how your usps alone can take them there is vital.

I remember having a talk with a fella that developed some kind of email-data search system, aimed at ensuring no-one ever ‘lost’ data.  He remarked how when you send a pdf summary after a meeing, the other person would never read it.  He probably took my silence as agreement, yet if it’s important enough, you talk them through it face-to-face, don’t you, and it’s another winning stage of the sales campaign.

Anyway, this sprang to mind as I just had a call with an excited rep recounting how he’d snared a whole month’s quota in one deal.  He did a few things to precipitate this but one I liked was when he arrived at the prospect offices to have his proposal review meeting.

He instantly made a joke of them not actually reading his comprehensive paper, guessing that they’d skipped all the way to the penultimate page to just look at the prices.  Apparently they laughed and said ‘of course!’ so he began to talk them through each section.  It clearly helped to set him apart and he won the order.

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