Prospect Discarding - How Google Canary Tab Experiment Could Improve Your Funnel

So Google’s Chrome browser kept crashing on me.

After suffering myriad alternatives and successful re-installs, I happened upon their lab version. Future Chrome, you could say. Sandbox, alpha, development – or a term they seem to prefer “the bleeding edge of the web”, as opposed to “Chrome Stable”.

They ‘brand’ it Canary.

Once my relief that it actually worked abated, I realised it constantly reloads your browsed tabs. The ones that you’ve later revisited, having left earlier in your session but not yet closed.

I wondered why this was so. Cue search result answer;

Tab discarding, a memory-saving experiment.

Apparently, each tab can eat up 50mb of memory. So if (like me) you often have cabinets-worth open, then acute memory drain can accumulate.

Although annoying awaiting each reload, I couldn’t help but think on the Sales parallel with our Forecast.

How many times are there several deals on the go, where you don’t close ones you should down. Reducing bandwidth for all the good ones. Taking up precious time trying to revive. Distracting resource from a more worthwhile one. Too many?

I often coach on fine tuning funnels. Too many a pipeline I see leans towards the pole of cluttered or threadbare.

There’s real skill and discipline in knowing which deals to cut, and which to chase. With astounding extra rewards for doing it right.

Isn’t it a good time to consider your own prospect discarding?

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