Prospect Response Times

Here’s something I learned the other day from a former rep there. Apparently, Motorola used to measure ‘customer service ratings’, and their salespeople’s effectiveness, in part by the response times of their customers.

One outcome of this managerial method, was that whatever news you had for clients, you gave it. Good, bad or indifferent. It created a salesforce that sought constant contact with their buyers. They updated all the time. Providing over-information was considered better than under-informing.

I think there’s something in this.

Perhaps rather than absolute timings, the astute salesperson could assess the gap between when a prospect says they will do something, and when they actually do.

The flip side of that of course, is tracking how prompt/accurate you are, with your supply back to them too.

Just don’t blame me for yet another a new screen in your sales reporting system with two columns to fill in dates.

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