Putrid Putin's Pareto Pyramid Piechart

Another stolen election is currently underway in the world. Today, its the turn of Russians to undergo the sham of a vote. The rigged outcome predetermined to allow continuing theft, murder and oppression by Putin and his cronies.

At least London's Telegraph cartoonist Matt puts his typically satirical spin on it. So that we might try smile through our howls.

Always like seeing a chart on the front-page of a newspaper.

The angle to note for our selling presentation purposes, is that the artist seems to know about the classic pyramid treatment. Specifically, when revealing a Pareto relationship. Here, the three-sliced 80-15-5.

I touched on this blogging back in 2015. Via a surprise tennis champ's kit [also see footer below].

It's an elegant device. And in the right colours and verbal description, can make a lasting impression.

Of which we can also make our own variants. 75/25 with a third sliver inserted. Taking a piece of and slightly reducing both others being one such commonplace version.

Somewhere, a prospect may also need reminding to keep away from windows...


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