Quarterly Sales Meeting Slide Distraction

Wintering in the colonies means suffering the appalling customer ‘service’ of local tv provider dstv/multichoice.

They run plenty of glossy ads promoting their add-on wares.

The 30-seconder above was first shown around December 5th.

How can you not like an ad that shows a quarterly sales meeting?!

It all seems uncannily familiar.

Attendees look duly uninspired.

In a typically soulless room.

Which also feels cramped.

The graphics sadly standard.

And it ends with a reveal that the person in the back corner was permanently online, attention elsewhere.

There’s a lot you can pick out of that.

Let’s solely deal with the graphics here.

Below is a collage from my hazy screengrabs of the offenders.

Pies and bars used with little imagination.

Straight out of the on-board ‘wizards’ that constrain the unwary worldwide.

They falsely appear fairly adept in their production.

So it shouldn’t take any extra time to add sparkle.

Mix things up a touch.

On instagram I post several ideas for alternatives.

Each quick and simple.

Take a different approach and your charts and message will hugely benefit.

dstv 05Dec14 ad graphics

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