Quick Success Essential

Demo’d to a guy at global express parcel carrier, TNT, the other day.  He hailed from the genre known in my youth as ‘Sales Ops’, and did indeed seem to have a good grasp on what his immediate issues were with the 400 or so people around the sales efforts.

One thing he said to me in particular caught my attention.  In an industry renowned for job-hoppers and high rep attrition rates, he considered that it was vital “key people get a taste of success early” and you should set out to “get them there as quickly as possible”.

At first register, this may sound like one of those annoyingly obvious common-sense type pieces of advice.  After all, isn’t this what everyone tries to do?  But actually, it isn’t.  So many sales organisations I come across do not think this way.  In fact my very own reqires that people earn the right to get given leads, by self-generating them to an adequate degree first.  Whilst I firmly believe this is the right stance, to speed up this process is what I should be helping with, and to such ends our direct marketing efforts have ramped up accordingly.


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