Militarily speaking

Met with a top sales manager from one of my fave customers today, called Ken Welsh.  His only error of judgement seems to be supporting Norwich City.  I’ve talked with him in the past about his passion for military history, and applying the lessons in sales.  A meeting with Ken invariably involves a few lovely little nuggets about general selling practice, so here are a couple I had chance to jot down.  Thanks, Ken 🙂

Be like Atilla

Atilla the Hun is not everyone’s role model in life.  Ken’s heroes are the more acceptable Nelson and Churchill, yet he read a book once on what to learn from the infamous rogue.  You should create independent teams and give them scope to think for themselves.  This is apparently also why we English hammered the combined might of French & Spanish fleets at Trafalgar.  What would the point be of having to rely on Nelson, if you cannot see the flags and miss the semaphore messages in the fog of war? 

Be positive

“the only thing more contagious than enthusiasm, is a lack of it”

Remember focus

“a strong light through a strong lens can burn holes through sheet steel because it has focus.”

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