When dust settles….

I was eating lunch outside in the pleasant Oxford sunshine Tuesday, where they’ve done a terrific job renovating the area around the City Hall and Castle.  I became conscious of a sales conversation on the table next to me, which appeared to be winding up.  Hands were being shaken all round, with one guy having ‘sold’ a man and a woman.  Then I heard something remarkable. 

“When the dust has settled, can you write me a testimonial letter please, just saying what we’ve done?”

The other bloke immediately answered yes, then the ‘seller’ continued;

“Thanks, as this kind of referral really helps to get across what I do”

And with that, they started talking about how the old prison had been transformed into a trendy Malmaison boutique hotel.

My customers at wide format printers Océ would be delighted to hear someone practice what they preach, and I must must must remember to start gathering my own such letters….

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