Raise prices to win business

May 2007 saw a chap called Jon Hunt earn £388m from selling his estate agency founded in 1981.  Most observers paint an unpleasant picture of this chap, which considering his achievements could be sour grapes, or an accurate description of how mere money alone is no indicator of individual ethical calibre.

What I did find interesting from a sales perspective, was how the firm, Foxtons gained a foothold.  They promised sellers 3% from any sale – double their competitors – in return for a promise they would indeed gain a better price uniquely from them alone.

Inspiration, if ever you needed it, that competing on price is not the only way to provide a bulging wallet.  One great thing about charging more, is it naturally means you get a shot at explaining what the difference is for.  Also, how many times do you hear stories about reps charging – and getting – more than list price?  It’s a tactic that can really work…..

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