Recognise This Dolphin Obsessed Culture?

A cheeky little holiday season post here for you.

South African’s vibrant advertising sector is renowned for its sense of humour.

Here’s an ad that shows this off nicely.

We follow the ‘PA to the CFO’s PA’ as she flounders in the face of a clearly worrying corporate cultural attachment to dolphins.

In the possible pause for breath you get before the New Year, it’ll maybe give you something to consider about the culture you’re either inside, or trying to engender.

I did also chortle at some of the graphics. Here’s some fuzzy screenshots.

Kicking off, let’s all dive in to their sales figures for the year’s first four months;

dolphin career24ad letsalldivein barchart

Whilst I can squeakily dolphin-clap any attempt to spice up the dreary old barchart, here’s a lesson to choose your material wisely.

Then there’s the general imagery you could use to associate with you and your ideas.

dolphin x6 career24ad 400w

Just not quite like these. Whilst you surely wonder about that tie, what about the tattoo?!

And finally, a wonderful accompaniment is their out-takes reel. Although really just a chance to give us a touch more juice….enjoy.

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