Escape, Evacuate, Rescue Your Stricken Deal

The ferry that sank this week between Greece and Italy saw the authorities take plenty of flack.

Could lives have been saved with a proper emergency response?

Why were so many passengers imperilled by being left aboard the stricken vessel for so long?

Maritime ‘experts’ filled the airwaves.

The accepted process apparently fell into disarray;

Escape, Evacuate, Rescue.

What about when your deal is unlikely to stay afloat when a fire breaks out on board?

I thought on a few similarly nautical themed three-step options. Here’s one;

Muster, Survey, Rescue.

When a bid appears holed below the waterline – and when I’ve felt uncomfortably not quite in control throughout – first thoughts tend to focus on placing my energies elsewhere.

This is not always the attractive choice.

Seasoned campaigners can easy talk of a deal where we’ve been torpedoed, only to miraculously navigate a path, return fire and dock at port victorious.

I still sense that ‘Qualify Out?’ is our first question.

Muster all our prospect-side contacts.

Who truly wants us to stay sailing?

Of those that do, who can influence colleagues tacking anywhere between ambivalent to openly hostile?

Survey where you’re at. Is there the shimmering glimmer of a sunny horizon yonder?

Or is ‘coming second’ the lone expected best-case outcome?

Maybe there is a lifeboat.

Steered by a senior exec rather than overly-powerful user or technician, say.

Rescue. But you must move fast.

Key decision criteria must have shifted into your waters.

Insiders must be willing to fight your corner.

Access must come at will.

Else your precious bid will fall overboard.

Bear in mind, I’m not suggesting this as a panacea. I more aim to set the tides of thinking matter frothing.

In the shipping world, I note that for instance ‘escape’ plans ought be rigorously assessed before any tragedy ever unfolds.

So as with all ideally progressing sales, knowing if you’re off course early – and as I always say, following your true sales process – will clearly help avert a catastrophic event.

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