How Top Facebook Scam Can Ease Your Prospect Paranoia

So 2014’s top Facebook scam enticed users to click on a promise to learn which people had viewed their profile. Only to fall victim to malware.

Despite claims these are legitimate, “official” apps, this is intel that apparently you cannot possibly have.

This criminality prays on the heart’s desire to uncover “stalkers, peekers, admirers, overly attached girlfriends and exes haunting you”.

Such basic human nature clearly emerges in our dealings with prospects.

I often hear salespeople take up so much airtime wondering aloud what is being said about them prospect-side. Who is talking about them? What are they saying?

They tend to rely solely on the almost causal telephone chatter they’ve recently undertaken to record opinion and generate the desired spin.

Yet with a little extra time and effort, you have the power to influence or understand what is really being said.

What documentation are you sending?

I hope you’re not thinking of a lengthy pdf of your carefully crafted glowing prose extolling your virtues.

What are the big issues needing thought and action?

What is the ultimate question whose answer will determine whether said action occurs?

What is your absolute unique and how can it be framed to appear key decision criteria?

Now. Can you transpose any of these onto a decent presentation slide?

You don’t need to go in to full infograhics mode. After all, we are sales stars, not graphic artists.

Nor necessarily the slidedoc route, trumpeted among others by American presentation designer Nancy Duarte.

Yet there could easily be a key question, data depiction, or image that you can use to frame debate.

There’s plenty of examples for template inspiration dotted around my instagram account.

If you’re unsure, then create a draft and build in conjunction with your ‘champion’.

When complete, get it passed around and gauge reactions.

And then you’ll no longer be operating under enforced radio silence, and likely be shaping events.

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