What's Your Mona Lisa?


My second observation from my festive viewing of the modern windscreen wiper inventor biopic, Flash of Genius. (My first was yesterday’s post). Remember, this is an American tale, so bear with the cheese.

Deep in never-ending litigation, our hero Bob Kearns appears near bankruptcy and so seeks discussion with old ‘friend’ and business partner Gil Previck.

Previck Automotive duly relinquished the joint patent rights to his stolen invention so that Dr Kearns could go after Ford alone. Leaving Previck free to continue doing business with the giant car making baddie.

During this tense conversation, the following exchange preceded a contemplative dram of whisky;

Gil: It’s just a windshield wiper.

Bob: To me it’s the Mona Lisa.

Yes, there are times when you can get catastrophically blinkered.

But here in this context, there’s a lesson for anyone selling.

If you don’t see inner beauty in what you’re pushing, then there’s little hope.

Your offering must somewhere have the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. The one that follows you around the room. Lights up your day. Spurs you on.

And the work-of-art that you’d be proud to have as a symbol of your endeavours.

Where’s the masterpiece in what you sell?

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