Reducing Your Gaba

Gaba is an interesting chemical. Fully named Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, everyone’s brain has it. It slows everything down. It has now been discovered that reducing the level of it helps you learn new sequences.

Whether it be new dance moves, piano plonks or objection responses, some people naturally pick such skills up quicker, or at all, because they unknowingly can stem their Gaba.

So Gaba works as an inhibitor. To succeed, you must lower its levels.

Every good salesperson is always consciously working on at least a minor tweak to their selling ways. What is holding that back? Can you identify it and, crucially, act upon it?

Where do you sense a change in approach can lead to better results? Are you doing too many non-selling admin tasks? Have you not got someone trusted to run through your techniques with you?

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