Side Door Intro

Why does everyone hate recruitment consultants? A new entrant trying to shake up the print stationery sector publishes their stance on dealing with them, attributed to founder Richard Moross.


We operate 4 strict rules in dealing with recruiters, please read them carefully:

1. We only work with people we know. If you don’t know us, ask someone who does for a personal introduction to us.
2. 100% of our agency selection is pro-active on our part. See rule 1.
3. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. If you place an unsolicited call to me or anyone on my team we won’t work with you or your agency. Send us an email, we promise to read it.
4. No answer is, actually, an answer. If we don’t get back to you it’s because we’re not interested.

Forget recruiters though. Doesn’t this transpose onto the unwritten rules every potential buyer has for dealing with prospective vendors?

Anyone would only want to consider a purchase if it was their idea from the off. They all would prefer to work solely with those whom they’d already met. The decision best be proactively theirs. Say no to cold-callers. And the default fob off is ‘we’ll get back to you’ (even if you do send a mail).

Fascinating. So here’s an idea for your next campaign of canvassing in the dark. Take their point number one. Network. Who do you know that they already know? How can you get to know such people? Why would those contacts be better off helping you?

A “personal intro” you say? The door is open to leverage all those shared suppliers/customers and other such business acquaintances you didn’t realise you had before you started looking.

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