Releasing Their Stuff

It's difficult to do any absent-minded mini-scrolling these days and not be served up a link on (someone selling themselves for) the practice of mindfulness.

One such headline I saw promoted a book called Meditation Illuminated.

Certainly outside my usual zone of interest.

Yet there was a little selling nugget to be unearthed.

One emerging from being a touch contrary.

For author Joy Rains had coined an acronym. They all do.

“It’s the nature of the mind to have this ongoing conversation in the background.
I call this ‘Stuff’, which is an acronym for stories, thoughts, urges, frustrations and feelings.
When you’re in a meditative state, you’re in the here and now and you’re releasing your Stuff.
You’re not getting caught up in judgments, thoughts about the past, worries about the future.”


If this really is the 'stuff' that nags away at us, inside our heads, stopping us from being in a good space, then would it follow that to know what these five components entail for our prospect might then lead us to help them reduce any stress, anxiety and drag presently being caused by them?

What story whirring away in the back of their mind sums up where they're at right now?

What thoughts are forming about what they'd like to 'fix'?

Any particular urges cropping up in such regard?

Which frustrations might be chipping way?

What feelings overall about this are present?

If you knew the answers to these, you'd be placed in the prime spot to resolve them out.

And let your potential buyer reduce the noise, whether up front or in the background, that's distracting them from fulfilment that'd come from doing their work even easier, quicker or better.

An idea for your next deal review session. Mix up the normal template and see if you can fill in this quintet for your buyer.

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