Riding Out The Tough Times

Blogging the other day on experiences with credit crunch thinking, I went on to explain what this means in the context of our sales plans with guys in one of my offices.

We discussed why business people would buy something.  The idea was to create a couple of simple lines that would hook a prospect in such credit crunch created cost-cutting climes.

As a lover of prospect theory, we concluded that one main reason is to stave off losses.

Then we agreed the old “WIIFM” maxim remains pertinent; making sure you let the prospect know exactly “what’s in it for me”.  Specifically, homing in on how their life will be made immeasurably easier by our wares.

For us, the questions we came up with meant finding out how much time was being spent by our target market on tasks that we know we can eradicate, whilst at the same time appealling to the natural tendency of such constituency to seek short-cuts and ‘delegate’.

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