Salami Selling

A friend of mine is currently studying for a distance learning style degree around business finance.  She was getting the evident irritation with having to do a computer module off her chest, when during her explanation of computer crime categories, the salami technique was mentioned.

This is where small amounts of money are fraudulently diverted from a large number of accounts and their departure goes unnoticed.

I first came across this concept myself in 1983 through a terrfic London-based 4-part TV drama called The Consultant starring Hywl Bennett.

The principal got me thinking.  Not of underhand, shady malpractice you understand, but of how to apply such a concept legitmately in sellling.  I’ve often thought of campaigns I can run in the background that nudge up the total spend a client awards me by encouraging them to take a seemingly small additional product.  It’s often the case that if you select well, then the cumulative amount over the year can be equivalent to a complete and decent-sized customer.  Even perhaps the difference between a good year and a stellar one.  More salami please.

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