Sales from those Shipping Creative Work

Seth Godin, The Practice; Shipping Creative Work, 2020

In a style used previously, 219 (+3) short blog-style postings in eight sections by the marketeer tell a tale of how to change the world in your art or science.

There’s a theme throughout pushing at my open door. Namely that process is king.

A few other mantras get repeated which I have long followed.

His terms being such as; reassurance is futile (the folly of blanket guarantees that all will work perfectly first time), generous doesn’t mean free (cf, the #nospec movement) & don’t think outside the box (but on its edges).

Numbers 67, 68 and 69 though, touch on Sales.

Entitled; Selling is difficult, Selling is where the juice lies & Enrollment.

Here’s a sample from each;

“…once you engage with [prospects], either you’ll learn what’s not working in your craft or they’ll learn that you’ve created something that they’ve been waiting for, something that is filled with magic.”

“Sales is about upending the status quo of what the world was like before you got there. Not for you, not for your selfish reasons, but for the people who will benefit from the change you created. Most of all, sales is about intentionally creating tension: the tension of “maybe,” the tension of “this might not work,” the tension of “what will I tell my boss . . .” ”

“Enrollment is acknowledgment that we’re on a journey together … After enrollment, though, the shift goes from “you” to “we.” “

Of the total touch under 700 words, I suspect his term ‘enrollment’ is the one that could become a solution selling staple.

Is your prospect truly enrolled in your project?

An example of how you judge is given too.

Can you sense the juiciness of objections? Feel their gears turn? Spot their self-persuasion?

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