Web Guru Eschews Video Background Curation

I have a friend who swears crypto is the future.

Who doesn’t?

And recently they’ve been banging on incessantly about NFTs.

They sent me the 5min clip above. A CNBC Fast Money show segment. Interviewing ‘internet personality’, Gary Vaynerchuk.

A man well-versed in the ways of the web, renowned for making a fair few bob being on trends early, and popular for his tips with the wannapreneur masses too.

Yet however sound his advice, when watching I was struck by one clear thing.

GaryVee doesn’t seem to care for video call backdrops.

Here’s a typical screenshot;

Sure, a daytime zoom may well be different. The windows don’t let an awful lot shine at night here.

Let’s not forget that during daylight the positioning of windows behind is usually a no-no. As you tend to get rendered in silhouette. Exposing either white- or black-out.

Although he doesn’t seem to suffer this himself (perhaps through judicious spotlighting?) as other tweets of his video meets show. Yet even with natural light, there doesn’t seem to be a lot on offer outside beyond a standard high-rise block or two. Regardless of rain.

Almost as neutral as you could get in a city.

Then we have the wall-space.

Vanilla. With what appears to be a non-descript framed piece of art half in view.

The scene striking for its sparseness and lack of personality.

There must be a reason for this.

Is it deliberately a single notch up from the ‘hostage video’ look of blank wall?

Yet the positive take from this, is that you do not need to obsess over your zoom background either.

Yes, this chap may already be wealthier than any salesperson could dream, but I struggle to believe he has lost caring for the image he projects.

Don’t get fooled by the back-to-front cap and generic plain black tee.

We too could try a minimalist approach.

There is a alternative to the bookcase.

Why not consider a pair of zoomrig options?

One with all the paraphernalia of you and your trade. The other, reductionist like Gary.

You can still use props. And mini-whiteboards or chalkboards or paper on a clipboard.

To change up on occasion, if you can, may work for you too.

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