Sales Hackathon 2019 Blockchain Flavour

I’ve lately come across similar selling conundrums. I wonder if a trend is emerging?

Many tech firms are trying to figure out if or how to incorporate blockchain. Whether it be a development on top of what they already offer, or as a complement to futureproof client plans.

So you ask them to explain.

That’s when the fun stops.

It’s incomprehensible. Gobbledygook. You can always tell when a salesperson doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. It’s when they start littering their speech with jargon-laden technobabble doublespeak.

I’ve long wondered why university courses lag so far behind the real world. Particularly in my own arena. How there remains no B-school Sales module is a source of ongoing lament. Then there’s all the other transactional skillsets that are expected to be ingested via osmosis. Chief among them, presenting, which gets scandalously neglected as the vital standalone task it truly is.

We ought be taught how to explain all things technical in a lay manner. Taking the complex and making them graspable. Through such as metaphor, oratory and drawing.

Yet these disciplines are seldom honed. Let alone introduced.

So I felt the urge to build on the typical workshop session. The one where you split the room up and ask for a short show a little while later on a topic de jour.

You’ve a blockchain angle. Then go off, come back and help us marvel at it.

Take the best elements from each and develop a winning routine. Fine tune in the field.

Maybe you can do this as its own feature. The trendy term today seems to be ‘hackathon’.

So label your own Sales Hackathon.

Strictly speaking, I’d prefer to see such an event dedicated to truncating your sales cycle through proper identification of your winning process. One that shows the steps which guarantee sustainable, repeatable success. Still, this single-task approach does hold merit.

And there’s no need to restrict this to blockchain. For you’ve likely got your own sector-specific hot topic you can work on too.

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