Sales Jaunt Mismatches

Not everyone shares this view above of our Nudger-in-Chief.

Even if his port of torture used to sell itself as a '5 minute' kerb-to-gate option.

Some sales calls must be in-person.

Yet I will happy wager that not all the ones you might think are flesh-pressing essential, are in fact whites-of-the-eyes required.

On top of this, there are meetings you chase IRL that will actually turn out to be better for you when shifted to video.

You just don't know it yet.

Or though, you probably have an inkling, right?

Despite the wonders of wifi and phone enabled perma-connection, the hit to your productivity of business travel can be catastrophic on your quota.

Sure, you can fly, drive or chug out-of-hours. Pick a private place to catch up in-between the focused busy-ness of your day. Use out-of-signal slots for 'deep work' style uninterrupted old-school crafting.

The point is, there are beautiful matches to be found between certain types of meeting and specific medium chosen for them.

Your 'process' is full of them.

Find your theatre.

Let each 'touch', every 'transaction', any 'dialogue' flourish in its right environment. Your potential client will thank you for it. And so will your commission.

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