Sales Rule 34c

The insightful geekery that coined Internet Rule 34 has a Sales adaptation;

If a deal exists, there’ll be an anti-deal.

As in, ‘any deal has a dissenting presence in it’. Which you could also suffer more destructively as;

Wherever you pitch a solution bid, someone is trying to kill it.

I’m reminded of those people who believe in free speech for all, apart from those who disagree with them. (Here’s a political 2015 sample from the English Midlands). As in, you’re always welcome to ‘look at what’s out there’, examine how competitors might be working, or keep an incumbent supplier ‘on their toes’ Right up until the point where something cool and appreciably beneficial gets found but someone’s cart may be upset of apples.

This selling Rule can have many subsections. How about these for examples of 34c1, 34c2 & 34c3;

They could feature disputed numbers, more urgent priorities, or capability shortcomings.

If you do not find out who’s invoking Rule 34c on your current campaign, they will likely prevail. You’ll end up empty-handed.

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