Sales Workflow Video Transformation

We've all likely heard of digital transformation. Maybe once involved in such initiative. But have you ever seen true Sales arena video transformation?

Remember the days of paper diaries? Know of the early Sales spreadsheets? Heard stories about first SFA, then CRM, installs?

In the same way as you might today consider your selling effort 'digitally mature', can the same satisfaction be applied to your level, ability and deployment of video meetings?

Rubbish In, Rubbish Out [aka RIRO] is an outcome of devilish distraction for any recording and reporting mechanism. And remarkably commonplace.

So too can such malaise afflict the use of video calls.

Initial adoption of new tech can often merely move the analogue to the digital. The pen on page replaced by keystrokes in cells or tabs.

Yet real gains only occur when the medium allows for that old procedure to reveal moulding in a new way. One that allows for the merging, removal and reshape of stages previously required and now rewired. Offering a fresh way of doing more, with less.

Video for salespeople should be unleashing such rewards.

I fear it is not. Yet.

Too often I hear of a video call being used without tacit acknowledgement of why a certain transaction with a prospect is specifically that time over video.

Why it feels the best choice for that particular moment, that specific dialogue.

If you don't have a proper reason for why you choose video over an in-person get together, phone call or email exchange, then you are holding your success back.

For instance, there ought be a string of 'events' you know ought occur throughout the typically won deal. Some will be more apt to one form of communication over others. Too infrequently are these preferences taken into consideration.

When you match the message, meaning and medium, you're on the way to sales process glory.

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