Table Booking Diners And Your Video Convened Prospects

“I don’t know your layout, but please no mid-floor table, ideally a corner, but at the very least a wall, as far as possible from the toilets and till.”

The standard paste into the 'comments' box when booking online a table at a restaurant of The Times critic, Giles Coren.

Expect such copy request to become de rigueur in reservation apps.

Although beware his warning; "Managers do not always take notice, or care".

What got my Sales sense salivating, was the tasty crossover with video meeting invites.

The opening way of looking at this, is that here is a list of what participants definitely wish to avoid.

What are the video call equivalents of say, being seated by the loo, having to contend with the constant jangle of till traffic, or sitting slap bang in the middle of room denuding it of charm?

The further view gleaned, is to imagine what your potential attendees would prefer you to provide on your impending meet up, and then set them out beforehand.

What if they stated things like, please listen to me, ask me questions, make the issue at hand engaging, and the experience as a whole genuinely advancing and a worthwhile way to spend my time, that's also more enjoyable than most meetings I dial-in to (especially compared to those of your competition)?

You could even ask your upcoming fellow meeters.

There's a menu in there you'd all enjoy.

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