Salesperson's Entrepreneurial Template

Catching up on a Cape Town based ‘design indaba’ (a presenter at which I last blogged three years ago) via the Dutch organiser’s social media, I happened across the above tweet.

We know for sure online life drowns in such ‘wisdom’. Start-up deepisms flood the web. Let’s take at face value for a moment this particular…

template of a successful entrepreneur:

1. They always have their product with them
2. They choose purpose above profit
3. They don’t complain and focus on solutions more than problems

On the basis that minds may remember a trio, could this offer a template for our next presentation?

What would be triple pillars to a project successfully bought from you and happily running into the golden yonder?

  1. Always have the business goal in mind
  2. Choose purpose over politics
  3. Focus on solutions over roadblocks

A winning launchpad for you?

Then if you’re managing an internal salesteam situation, there’s the individual seller angle too.

  1. Always have your pitch(es) with you
  2. Choose process over revenue
  3. Focus on their problem as uniquely resolved by you

A design for your success?

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