Screening Call Pre-Video Also A Dating Tip

Prevailing advice for an app-made first date is to hold a video call beforehand.

The mainly reported theory being that there’s an alarming, overwhelming minority of wannabe daters that ‘catfish’. Namely using photos that give a misleading impression of themselves. Or in extreme yet sadly plentiful cases, are not even themselves at all.

Another reason cited, is to vet potential candidates for your heart.

There’s also the desire to ensure avoiding “low effort” dates. Such as going for drinks, rather than the greater investment of a meal.

You have a list of ideal traits. But also red flags. Why not try see how many you can uncover beforehand to save time and hassle?

FDS (the mine of tabloid gold from reddit; Female Dating Strategy) suggest screening as essential to weed out anybody not considered a “high-value man”.

We’re often in a similar kind of bind before an initial video with a brand new person. Especially when we hope to persuade them to our way.

The equivalent for us on a first-time business video call centres around knowing the kind of person you’re dealing with. If you like, their ‘acts’ as opposed to ‘looks’.

In which case, the advice is also to conduct a preparatory conversation upfront. For us, a voice call.

There are those who implore that to de-stress any video meeting is a wonderful thing. Me included. And for many, the ‘pressure’ of being on video with a stranger – no matter how subconscious or overt – adds unnecessarily to such restrictive force. Why put somebody with whom we wish to receive endorsement under such strain?

Something which holding a previous conversation adroitly abates.

Available pretexts are fairly unassuming. Checking a detail, agenda point or back-up plan.

Yet under the surface, come meeting time, the other participant(s) will be attuned to what you’ll be discussing, will have given some thought upfront to it, and won’t spend the prolonged opening moments wasting energy on how everyone comes across instead of focusing on the task at hand.

There are those who swear by never choosing video for brand new contact at all. Always go voice first.

The more you do this, the more likely your preliminary contact will yield a productive video meeting. Whether you qualify in or out after.

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