Secret Agent Dance Of The Seven Veils To Find Your Prospect Mole

Former MI6 spy, Harry Ferguson, was on the radio. He revealed what breaks agents the most. It is when they persuade someone to do something for them who then ends up in the hottest of water.

The example he gave was that he himself could not enter an Iranian nuclear plant and acquire information. Yet he could get an employee there to get info for him.

When said helper gets collared, and suffers in possibly the harshest way, the guilt felt by the agent can be their undoing too.

Apparently the shorthand for developing such invaluable resource was the dance of the seven veils.

There appear seven steps to making this happen. He only mentioned three of them; acquaintance, befriend, trust.

When we try and foster a winning partner prospectside – terms like champion and coach abound – the two solution flagstones you hear most at the start are build rapport and establish relationship.

In view of a ladder for escalating buying likelihood these can be expanded.

What about when your prospect does something for you. Provide key data. Edit a document you draft. Secure access to a senior colleague.

Or when they recognise you’ve done something important for them. Understood their aims. Nicely summed up their ideal solution in writing. Succinctly identified from where improvements will flow.

Maybe the seventh ‘dance;’ is the ultimate ‘action’.  Commitment in ink. Or indeed, the sixth, as the last would better be making the ongoing success of the provision stick.

In any case, it’s an interesting angle to add to your process formulation and get thinking on what is in place when you win. Though unlike the spy, you can turn, but never burn.

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