Echeloning Your Diagonals

Je suis Parisien

Business strategy began borrowing heavily from warfare. Thankfully as time ticks, more collaborative frameworks take hold.

The latest Paris street terrorist atrocity tragically brought to mind one military tactic that remains a staple of the successful “complex sell”;

diagonal deployment.

With present enemies of European freedoms, murderers are encouraged by their handlers to live in one country but attack another. Making them more likely to operate below any radar.

Diagonals have long held battlefield associations. There’s the echelon formation. How they’re a shape of choice for a type of retreat (one I learn the Australians call the Tunnel Of Love). And preferences over a frontal assault, flank or pincer movements.

Indeed, echeloning is considered to provide greater strength through broadening your vision, whilst narrowing that of your opponent.

It is perhaps fitting that this label derives from the French for ‘rung of a ladder’. Hinting that by moving along such diagonals you ascend towards your goals.

Map diagonally, rather than solely head-on, across the players in your bid. Mobilise to win. Vive la vente. Vive la France.

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