Selling The Extra Sausage With Sizzle

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My favourite brekkie out at the moment. Not so much a cheeky treat, more a day-long filling extravaganza.

And with it another solution Sales steer from the world of retail.

It’s a trio of decadent sweet corn hash, halloumi, and two poached eggs with an avocado and tomato salsa.

I realise I should have used the foodporn styling trick of snapping the broken yolk with gorgeous oozing yellowness casting its golden glaze.

Still, those ahead of me in the queue were busy ordering the equally heart-stuttering Full English.

They wanted to swap all manner of elements. No beans, extra tomato, generous mushrooms, scrambled and poached. The kind of everydayness that frustrates many an underperforming eatery.

At one point, a particular request was not quite possible, so the till operator said, “I can’t do that but you can have an extra sausage, but I’ll have to charge you extra for that I’m afraid”.

Conscious of engaging an upsell opportunity, he then politely asked of the ordering threesome in turn if they’d like “an extra sausage”. Each (equally politely) declined.

I couldn’t contain myself.

Upon my turn in line, I playfully suggested “…if only they knew where the sausages were from, hey”.

He immediately responded, “West Country farm sausages full of wonderful herbs and spices!”

Chuckles all round.

Menu engineers rejoice.

Now, I realise there are those that believe to garnish your wares with lyrical descriptions is to insult the buyer.

Whilst there are certainly times when you need to remember a spade is but a spade, I am not of that general School.

Here’s a classic case where (ahem) the sizzle and the sausage makes for a great combo.

There’s all sorts of verbal ornament that allow for such attraction to be triggered.

“West Country farm” is a terrific evocative start. “Wonderful herbs and spices” also conjure the lure of delicious flavours.

And both way more enjoyable than hearing, “would you like fries with that?”

Pretty much every solution seller should add to the till-ring. We all have our version of the “extra sausage”. What mouth-watering extra couple of words can you use to make our buyer feel good about a slightly bigger breakfast?

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