Selling Water Restrictions

Will Cape Town run dry?

As I blog today, Day Zero – when in what could be an unwanted global first the city’s water supply is set to disappear – is a little over two months away.

The worst drought since 1904 has come after three years with no rain. Residents were first urged to keep personal daily use inside 87 litres. That’s now slashed, down to just 50.

South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ international airport greets arrivals with all manner of visuals educating on the plight.

Above you can see some of the 87 single litre bottles of water dangling across the passageway, just after clearing customs, heading for the exit atrium.

They deploy posters too.

Yet these, whilst striking, are I sense ineffective without context.

How many people know how much water brushing teeth takes? Washing the dishes? Flushing the loo?

The amount of ’87’ certainly dangles in the air.

Here’s how a luxury hotel, The Radisson, get the point across to guests. First the practical;

Then the shocking pictorial;

A much better visual explanation.

Comparison is everything.

A good example of what’s often missing from a solution Sale slidedeck to get your before/after magic across.

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