Serious or Dabbler?

Tony Polecastro guitar tutor courses ads recently blanketed the start of music promos on youtube.

Apparently, his experience of teaching over 35,000 students allows him to recognise the three reasons why someone won’t see out the learning phase.

An animated chart slide helpfully spells out the over-riding theme.

Those that fail he terms a ‘dabbler’. They leave too much time between practice. Meaning they constantly must go back to the beginning each time they recommence. Never climbing to any sort of proficiency.

Those ‘serious’ on the other hand, become a bona fide guitar player because they do little bits, often. A near continual strive to eventual accomplishment. Enabling them to build on where they reached last time, rather than having to flounder with the foundations again next time.

The graphic is quite stark.

Several slopes where no summit is ever scaled. Compared with small steps where ascent is happily achieved.

The hand-drawn nature also usefully portraying subtly how each step can be of varying height and length.

This type of treatment is a winner on many a sell.

Expose how something is being done today. Ad hoc, directionless, hope for the best.

Then hammer home how it could be done tomorrow. Organised, with purpose, goal attainable.

Curves and steps may even be suited to your issue and resolution too.

Are your prospects content to be a dabbler, or are they serious about success?

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