Ceremonial Audience Signalling

How can you resist a peak behind this particular curtain?

No matter how democratically indefensible an appointed, hereditary head of state may continue to be, in London the tradition is for a weekly audience between UK monarch and elected prime minister.

One that has not been able in-person for 15 months or so. Until now.

The press were fed footage of the ceremony recommencement.

As above, you’ll see the Daily Mail revelled in selecting various palatial artefacts on display for description.

Yet anything in-shot conveys meaning.

What makes up your zoomscape behind and around as you video call away can portray a great deal.

Remember the Megxit video clip from September 2020, similarly dissected.

In both cases, deliberate curation of the frame surely undertaken at length.

If you’re on a call with just one or two others, then they’ll likely see more of you and your environs. Quite large on full-screen too at times.

What does it say about you?

Have you an equivalent signature piece to a ceramic pheasant? Not valued at twenty grand, naturally. But equally gets across a main thrust, interest or element of your (working or leisure) life.

You might not have to hand the painting of an Italian Master. Yet some type of wall adornment may well add a vital bonding cue with your audience.

And you’ll possibly have shelf space around you too. What might you swap family photos, keepsakes or clockfaces for that give an air of respectability and being steeped in a certain pursuit?

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