Seve’s Final Day Checklist & Your Bid Management

A week on from the terrific European Ryder Cup victory, a couple of reflections on how the Americans seem at present continually put to the sword.

For today, Captain McGinley’s meticulous preparation reminded me of way back in 1997. In his homeland, Spanish legend Seve Ballesteros was by all accounts a hyperactive skipper at Valderrama.

The event tantalisingly close after the first two of the three days, he was determined to keep urging his charges on.

I’ve seen a scrunched piece of paper in a documentary. It was a typed up note. Pushed under the door of each player’s hotel room the night before the final day of Singles. On it were these eight bullets;

Maximum concentration
Look for stability
Play your own ball – medal play
Don’t look at the scoreboard
Don’t let them intimidate you
Don’t get involved with incidents
Enjoy, relax

It was signed: “Good luck, Seve.”

I was struck by how these could easily have telling selling siblings.

Maximum concentration
Look for progress
Play your own bid
Don’t talk about the competitors
Don’t let them beat you up on price
Don’t get distracted from your process
Enjoy, relax

…what would yours be?

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