SF9 Puzzlin'

Ever stop and say to yourself, what I really need in my life right now is a 7-piece K-pop boyband?

Me neither.

Whoever the combo SF9 are, the promo for their latest single, Puzzle, appears to have been made by someone appreciative of the case wall.

Entertaining because such focal piece ought also be beloved of us solution sellers.

I litter this post with examples of their video set dressing.

In my 2020 book - subheaded, 52 Ways To Get What You Want From Virtual Meetings - in the very first chapter I drew parallels from this very construct.

Beyond the lawyerly and police procedural. From heist planners to designer inspirations, dreamers to vision setters, even protesters with their Lennon walls or those rabbit-holed deep inside a conspiracy, there's a raft of winning 'boards' here from which to build how we are successful, where, and what refinements can be sought.

Whatever 'puzzle' these lads are concerned with, the concept of such a visual around our workspace or office is one I promote with gusto.

Almost as much as their dance moves next to it.

And let's face it, who of us hasn't ever jumped with delight under our office red lights at the success of our latest manoeuvre, hey...?!

Get Puzzlin'...

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