Country Leader Aims Broadcast Graphics

UK PM Rishi Sunak set out his administration's plans for 2023 via the 3½min promo medium du jour.

Half the video sees him sitting speaking to camera. With bullet summaries of his main point(s) appearing as said. Here's such example from his concluding summary.

Interspersed, a trio of topics were deemed worthy of having their own sectional title slide treatment writ large.

From factory floor to who we assume is a doctor. Given the prop of stethoscope. Hugh Laurie's House would no doubt tut-tut. And in the antidote to the Logan's Run-isation of British health supply, they did well to find a seasoned doc that hadn't resigned at 50 and now lives it up on outrageous pension.

Then what looks like Dover.

Such three-word slogan large font slides can work quite well as a theme. Particularly where we have our own pics. Preferably (taken with permission) of the prospect environment.

Drone shots are a feature too. With a couple of lovely shorescapes, including this one.

As well as cityscapes. Which reminds me a cool idea is to take a snap looking out from a window of your prospect premises. Get your advocates there to do a couple if need be. Works well. Looking outside...

Also neat, is the shot of someone in business situ.

Contented on the factory floor.

And finally, a reminder of what does not work. Some of the above is good, but let's not be cringe, hey.

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