Q Factor Gain Rate

"[in Dec '22, a Californian lab] smashed all previous records, crossing the breakeven ratio by reportedly generating some 2.5 megajoules from 2.1 megajoules of power from 192 giant lasers. That is a ‘gain’ rate or ‘Q’ factor of 1.2 from fusing hydrogen nuclei into a heavier helium.  The rule of thumb is that the Q factor needs to reach 10 for the process to become an industrial game-changer."

It seems a nuclear fusion energy generation breakthrough nears apace.

The above reporting [from London broadsheet The Telegraph, sub'n req'd] drew my attention to 'gain' rate or 'Q' factor.

A number of angles perked my sales antennae.

Gain rate is an interesting concept. Moving beyond mere synergy. How much more you get from something than you put in. When such effort multiplies into results from careful, precise focus. This applies not only to our work to generate orders, but the Returns which prospects need to believe will come their way.

Knowing the fusion trailblazers refer to this as Q Factor also leads me to consider how we can have our own S Factor around this. Where S is Sales, signatures, satisfied customers. Or take any other initial letter of relevance.

Another element is that not only do you seek a greater return of energy than that expended to create it, but for it to be 'game-changing', your yield must go beyond mere break-even by tenfold. Again, we ought consider the number of potential deals in each funnel stage required to win each eventual client (alongside then how to refine and improve said ratios). As well as ensuring we secure buyer-side acceptance for what each single £1, $1, €1 and the like they spend with us will give them back. You might even have a forecast review flag or value for this.

I note the typically suffocating Americanism that the realisation of knowing you're on the path to achieving, accelerating or growing your outputs here gets referred to as the Kitty Hawk moment. Labelled after the place which the Wright Flyer became airborne. Yet shouldn't this be rather, the Château d'Armainvilliers Moment, or simply Armainvilliers Moment, after the true earlier first flight on the outskirts of Paris by Clement Ader in his Éole (named after the Greek god of the winds) craft?

In similar vein, could a deal proper noun that heralds proof for either a new, refined or amended piece of our winning process puzzle be used to describe the 'move' for us internally?

One further point which can arise with this, I learnt from the UK's progress in the field at labs in Didcot (nr Oxford). They talk of seeking 'net exothermic momentum fusion'. Where you build on keep adding the proton/energy out the other side. Unlike 'endothermic', which gives you less (energy) than you put in. So in essence, we seek - both for ourselves, deal motion and paying customers - exothermic momentum too. Also perhaps allowing us to discuss what resource must be committed to unleash the desired dividends. Any prospect interested in the sciences may well appreciate such a conversation using such starting point about from where their benefits will emanate.

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